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I take my privacy very seriously on Facebook and thus I always insist Facebook messages over wall updates when someone wants to have a conversation with me privately and I don’t want to reveal my official email address to him. Furthermore, if the conversation is private I make sure I delete the message from Facebook due to security issues.

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However I recently started this trend and all my old private messages and chat conversations were still there on Facebook along with plenty of public messages posted to me on from many different reasons. When I tried to delete these messages in bulk, I got no way to delete all of them in bulk from the inbox what the option we generally get on most of the inbox. To delete a conversation one had to open it and delete the entire conversation.


Facebook Fast Delete Messages

There is a blue cross mark next to each conversation which most of the people mistake as a delete button. The cross button is basically the archive button and it removes the conversation from the main inbox view but still keeps it as an archive if you need it later. The bottom line is that there was no way once an delete all the messages at once at a click of a button. But using a simple chrome extension I was able to delete all the Facebook messages and conversations in a click on a button.

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In Chrome browser download and install Facebook Fast Delete Messages Chrome extension and open the Facebook Messages page in a new tab. After installing the extension you will notice two major changes in your Facebook message page. The first will be the Delete all button at the top right next to the New Message button and a red cross against every conversation.

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Now to delete messages individually, simply click the red-cross button next to every message. To clear your entire Facebook inbox along with all the conversations, press the Delete all button. That’s all, all your messages will be deleted instantly.


The extension can really help to a great extent if you want to delete all your Facebook messages but be very careful while using the app. The extension does not ask for any confirmation after you hit the Delete all button

Via: Lost In Technology


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