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Torrents are one of the best ways to download many great stuffs on the Internet. It’s sad that people are using it to download pirated stuffs but there are lots of amazing legal content available on torrents like books and music that you will love to have on your phone.

The thing is that I would love the idea of downloading these torrents directly on my Android rather than downloading them on my laptop and then transferring them via data cable. Why exercise double the work when things can be done directly? So today we will see how we can download torrents directly on our Android smartphone. We will be using a nifty app called tTorrent designed to download torrent files on Android for the task.

So let’s see how tTorrent work.

Downloading Torrents on Android

1. Download and install tTorrent on your Android from the Google Play Store. tTorrent comes in two versions—Lite and Pro. The lite version comes with adverts and a maximum download speed of 250 Kbps. The Pro version comes without any ads or limitation. For the time being, let’s go with the lite version.

2. After you have installed the app, run it. There are two ways in which you can add torrents to the app. Either you can browse for the torrents on web and click on the magnet URI to open the app directly, or you can search for the torrents on the app itself.

Download torrents on Android  (7)

When you search for the torrents on the app, it returns the results with the latest tracker update status. To download the torrent simply select the torrent, select the path where you would like to download files and tap the Download button. You can also select the files you wish to skip in the download using the Select File button.

Download torrents on Android  (2) Download torrents on Android  (3)

3. The app will start the downloading the torrent. You can minimize the app and carry on with other stuffs on your device. The app will download the torrent in the background and let you know about the progress in the notification drawer.

Download torrents on Android  (4)

That’s all; You can download all the torrents right on your Android itself. You can configure settings like active parallel downloads, search engine to search torrents, download and upload limit using the app settings.

Download torrents on Android  (1) advanced settings


If you are looking forward to downloading torrents on your Android device, nothing could do it better than tTorrent. In gist, tTorrent is to Android, just like uTorrent is to Windows. Once the lite version satisfies you, you can go ahead and buy the pro version to remove the download limit.

Via: Lost In Technology


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