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To add to its capabilities, let me tell you that VLC player can easily play videos/audios straight from internet URL’s.

And for our instance example we will check it out with YouTube streams. If you wish you may simply play the video or you may go a step forward and download or save the media. Let us see how to proceed.

Step 1: Copy Youtube Link

Open YouTube on your browser tab and search for your favorite piece of video. Right click on the link for that video and Copy Link Location.


Step 2: Play Media on VLC

Open an instance of VLC Media Player on your machine and navigate to Media -> Open Network Stream.


On the next window, double check that the highlight is on Network tab. Paste the URL that you copied in to the text box. If you haven’t diverted from this article, it should still be in your clipboard.


If you want you can expand the section for More Options. However, that isn’t required for what we want to achieve.


Finally, click on Play and rest back and enjoy the videos on your favorite player. If you intend to only play YouTube videos you do not have to read further. If you wish to save a local copy of the same you should read on.


Step 3: Download or Save the Media

When the media is playing on the player, navigate to Tools -> Codec Information. Or simply hit theCtrl + J keys.


A window for Media Information will be shown and towards the bottom you will see a box labeledLocation. Copy the entire Location URL.


Now, navigate back to your browser, open a new tab and paste the copied URL on to the address bar. Hit Enter. The media will immediately start playing on the browser. Right click on the playing media and choose the option to Save Video As.


Finally, choose a local destination, give the video a name and click on the Save button. Depending on the length of the file, the download activity will take some time. When complete, you will own a copy of the file.



There a many tools in the market that help you download media files from the internet. By trying to do things your own self might just interest you. And you will not have to download any extra tool to watch the video (or download it) on your favorite media player.

Via: Lost In Technology


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