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Search Engine Optimization practitioners have long been debating about what can be considered as the perfect strategy or what needs to scratched out of the dictionary of all the strategies for link building. These strategies successfully implement the purpose of link building, which is to draw traffic by collecting high quality links to a certified content of a site.

The SEO practitioners try to get past their competition by employing the following strategies extensively in order to increase the brand popularity and create awareness as much as building strategies

Internal Linking

As the name suggests such strategies of linking include links within your websites. Doesn’t that sound very simple? It helps you manipulate your linking strategy yourself because you provide an on-site element but actually serve the off-site purposes of public relations and search engine crawlers. This is a method to increase the ease of scrolling through the contents on your site as well as providing the web geeks to look for any new content on your site only.

Editorial Linking

A novel feature that does not require any efforts from your end is editorial linking. Such links are provided naturally by the other websites without any need for monetary exchange or trading. If the site owners consider the content on your site to be authentic and beneficial for their readers, they simply provide links to your site to provide more information.

Paid Linking

The linking strategy that differs from the above method surely involves a degree of investment in order to mark your site as the most visited one. Even though Google considers it among it’s “don’ts” to pay for providing links among its webmaster guidelines but many SEO practitioners undertake this practice as a short run profitable investment that helps you earn a good return value and give a tough competition to other webmasters.

Social Media Linking

The most popular or the most trending methodology for linking is to attract people hooked to any particular social networks. The advantage of using this technique is that you not only enjoy the attention of the people on that network but the people outside the network also refer links to your site that gives you a social upper hand. It is efficacious in attracting people around the globe in an easy way but is of no use when it comes to building page rank.

Reciprocal Linking

The linking strategy for trading links in exchange of another link. You need to be quite smart in this method because you ought to stand out and act shrewd in what you are giving away and what you are going to get in return. This method does take a lot of time in order to appease the webmaster to accept your trading tactic but you need to be sure that the link you are getting must be equal or better than the link you are about to give.

The optimizers’ practice a number of other linking strategies like blog posting in order to drive the traffic on the web, but mentioned above are listed some of the important ones that serve the best purpose.


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