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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent business launches.

Cloud: A new feature GPU Servers to streamline the AI/ML process

HAPIH HOST, tech enabled platform for cloud services solutions has launched GPU SERVERS with Multiple GPUs to bring accelerated and high performance for AI/ML, deep learning, big data, Android simulators, 3D rendering, video rendering/graphics teams.

“The demand for GPUs and vGPU solutions keep on increasing rapidly therefore, we have launched these to streamline and simplify the process of getting GPU-accelerated solutions into the hands of AI and data science practitioners, also it will benefit the technical and creative professionals” said HAPIH HOST’s CEO “Vivek Kosalia”.

The Why

To meet the fast increasing demands for enterprises, startups, public sector companies in India at affordable prices, HAPIH HOST has started the Variety of GPUs including the latest GPUs – NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core, NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU and NVIDIA Quadro RTX TM 8000. Combined with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions for advanced compute resources for AI, HPC and Quadro Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS) for professional computer graphics.

Healthcare: RT PCR based kit for Monkeypox Virus, result in less than 50 minutes

Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd., an Indian IVD manufacturer, has developed a Real-Time PCR-based kit for quick detection of Monkeypox virus with fast turnaround result time of less than 50 minutes.

“This unprecedented time underscores the importance of diagnostic assays in health security preparedness and readiness. We wanted to be prepared ahead of time for this virus. Understanding the value of time, we have launched this RT PCR for Monkeypox which will give the result in less than 50 minutes with the highest accuracy.

“We have the current capacity to manufacture 5 million test kits in a week, however, it can be scaled up to two million tests in a day with the added demand,” said Neeraj Gupta, CEO and Founder of Genes2Me.

The Why

After more than 16,000 cases being reported from 75 countries and territories, the WHO has declared the rapidly spreading Monkeypox outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Scientists from Genes2Me have been able to develop “POX-Q Multiplexed RT-PCR kit” for the detection of Monkeypox virus along with differentiation from Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) in a single tube multiplex reaction format.

The WHO recommended specimen type for laboratory confirmation of Monkeypox is skin lesion material, including swabs of lesion surface and/or exudate, roofs from more than one lesion, or lesion crusts. Hence, for detection of Monkeypox, both dry swabs and swabs placed in VTM can be used.


  • Available in both standard version for any commonly available Real Time PCR instruments as well as Point-of-Care format on Genes2Me Rapi-Q HT Rapid RT-PCR device
  • The Point-of-Care solution can be used for screening at multiple sites including hospitals, airports, diagnostic labs, health camps, etc.
  • Available as Research-Use only (RUO) and based on Gold standard Taqman chemistry based RT PCR method

Brand creation: Enhanced content monetisation & instant withdrawal for brand creators

Empowering the meme community worldwide, MemeChat (MC), the Indian meme community social media app has introduced instant monetization for its creators. Being the first ever brand to introduce instant withdrawal, a meme creator can withdraw Rs 1000 unlimited times in a single day.

Kyle Fernandes, CEO and Co-Founder MemeChat said, “Our aim is to help the creator ecosystem realise the economic value of their community. We are driven to build an ecosystem that is both economically sustainable and progressive. Such initiatives will help enable creation and experimentation; acknowledging and reward performance and connect creators with economic opportunities like branded content. This is how talent across India will become visible to audiences nationally.”

The Why

As per the report, India, with 700-750 million users, has the world’s second-largest and fastest-growing Internet user base. Indians, on average, spend 38 minutes per day watching short-form content. However, the withdrawal option provided by mobile applications via IMPS or NEFT is a gestation period of around 3-7 days.


Can be accessed through the updated reward section which will provide access to movie tickets, giveaways, scratch cards, and brand vouchers which a creator will achieve by completing various tasks.

Content creation: New venture to provide brand solutions & talent management service across all genres

8bit Creatives, an Indian esports consulting and talent management agency, launched a one-stop customised solution provider, A Bit Extra. It aims to bring in a gamut of creators across genre, working with various media and experiential formats.

“While talent management will be a part of it, our focus will be more on ideating innovative ways to present the content creators and their sponsors. We understand the know-hows of this industry and would like to adapt new narratives. We have identified the challenges that brands face in their campaigns and we will bring the best creative approaches on table. A Bit Extra, will add the ‘extra’ elements to support them with designing specialised campaigns and better manage their digital media in a strategic manner,” said Animesh Agarwal, Founder, 8bit Creatives.

The Why

The rapid shift from the traditional formats for entertainment has resulted in the growing popularity of influencers in India, giving rise to spawning new business opportunities for talent management firms. The industry is booming and the pressure is increasing on these service providers to offer more result-oriented unique approach and pushing them to create their own benchmark.

Combining business with creativity and helping them to grow with best collaboration models, A Bit Extra will bring in innovative result driven strategies for influencer marketing, campaign designing, brand consulting, digital marketing, all under one umbrella. It will also constantly upgrade to meet industry requirements in a changing consumer world.


According to Statista, Indians spend an average of two hours and 36 minutes a day on social media platforms. The INR 900-crore industry is pegged to grow at a CAGR of 25% and become a INR 2,200 crore industry by 2025, as per e4m INCA’s Influencer Marketing Report 2021. The growth is bound to help the sponsors, creators, and even the consumers.


  • The venture is aimed at facilitating meaningful investments that enable brands to achieve their business, social and environmental goals by collaborating with all kinds of creators who drive their followers, engagement, views, reach, impressions and meaningful ROIs.
  • The new venture will be among the select specialised 360-degree service providers in the country. It currently partners with influencers from different genres such as Muskaan Mehra, Nisha Joshi, Rhea Malvi, Pratik Chowdhary and many more.

SaaS: Subscription businesses to combat economic turmoil

Chargebee, a subscription management platform, announced its Summer 2022 Product Release. The slate of new products and features is focused on enabling high-performing subscription businesses to monetize their existing customers and fend off the growing threats of a tumultuous economy.

“For subscription businesses, acquiring new customers is at least 2.5 times more expensive than upselling orexpanding an existing customer. This factor can be even higher with intelligent automation that decreases customer churn while increasing the chances of expansion.” said Mark Thomason, IDC Research Director responsible for Digital Business Models and Monetization practice.

“While these retention capabilities are critical during these tumultuous times, keeping happy customers is always in vogue.”

The Why

The volatility of today’s market landscape has forced businesses to become adaptable and nimble in ways they hadn’t previously expected, tinkering with package and feature offerings, and providing new and different services to customers at different price points.

These new products help businesses build their cash reserves and maintain their customer base at a time when many businesses – and their customers – are struggling with the realities of inflation and drying up of venture capital, the lingering effects of COVID-19, and a decimated global supply chain.


Chargebee Retention

  • Allows businesses to focus on keeping the customers they already have at a time when both businesses and consumers are being forced to evaluate everything in their portfolios and make difficult decisions.
  • Enables businesses to customize cancellation experiences with offers geared towards continuing the customer relationship and allows businesses to test out personalized retention-magnet strategies to minimize voluntary churn and strengthen customer lifetime value with an ROI of as much as 800%.

Chargebee Receivables

  • Helps businesses improve their cash flow management processes by automating accounts receivable workflows.
  • Subscription businesses can efficiently automate accounts receivables workflow and process from purchase to payment.
  • Lets businesses proactively engage with customers on predicted payment failure to minimize involuntary churn and increase customer retention.

Chargebee Entitlements

  • Enables businesses to “value-test” and experiment with different packaging and pricing options
  • Better control feature launches with rollouts to small subsets of customers and go to market
  • Faster
  • Helps go-to-market teams provide feature access to customers beyond their plan on the flip of a switch, which can be used to incentivize plan upgrades and free-to-paid conversions.


  • In-app purchase management
  • Multi-entity management
  • Integration with PandaDoc to manage quote-based subscription workflows
  • A RevRec integration that helps businesses recognize revenue in local currency and avoid challenges that hinder growth

Digital Transformation: App to drive hyper-personalised data-driven fan experiences by leveraging AI, AR/VR

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the All-India Chess Federation have strengthened their partnership with Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, to launch FIDE’s first ever app for iOS and Android built on digital platform, Fan Nxt.Now, on the sidelines of the 44th Chess Olympiad, organized by FIDE.

Celebrating the importance and popularity of Chess in India, the launch event, held at the Olympiad venue in Mamallapuram, was graced by several eminent personalities including Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, Dr Sanjay Kapoor, President, AICF, Bharat Singh Chauhan, Secretary General, All India Chess Federation, and Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra.

Job market: New courses for FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, & Salesforce

PrepInsta, an Indian website for placement preparation, has announced the addition of new courses to its Prime module. Among the new courses will be FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce.

These courses will be available on the platform from August to September.

“Adhering to the overwhelming demand from our student community, we at PrepInsta are pleased to offer the new courses added to our Prime module. As the current education system and outdated college curriculum are not geared towards employability, it is widening the existing skill gap between students and requirements of tech-enabled companies. The scope of our offered courses is very broad in the current market space and will be beneficial to students who want to advance their careers in the IT and coding sectors, as well as students who want to change jobs,” said Aashay Mishra, Co-Founder, and COO, PrepInsta.


  • No eligibility requirements
  • 150+ company-specific micro-courses for companies such as Amazon, TCS, Mu Sigma, Capgemini, and others

AI: An assisted selling platform that improves booking rates for hospitality firms

Bengaluru-based, an AI-driven platform that reimagines virtual assisted selling for businesses, launched an AI-powered agent assist platform that automates agents’ training by accessing agents’ call skills and suggesting them with call recording from its library.

Bharat Patidar, Co-founder & COO, Convin, said, “Hospitality is a customer experience driven industry, where customers demand high quality and instant services. Any negative experiences not only leaves a bad impression but also negative word of mouth which impacts significantly. We help leaders understand how their interactions affect the end-users (customers), how they can improve to beat competition, increase bookings & gain positive word of mouth.”


New agents can be ramped up in one-third of the time, uncover winning trends, which leads to 25-30% improved bookings and 30% increase in CSAT

Automated quality management analysis scores the call based on the contact center’s responses, interruptions, and custom call parameters, which helps the agents uncover their skill gaps. Then the platform suggests call recordings for training

Call behaviour analysis enabled by sentiment analysis helps uncover the outcomes of the deals (wins and losses).

The platform has a proactive and a red alert mechanism, which are set for any custom topic and negative sentiment during the call.

The Why

As people booking trips and vacations surge with travel opening up, there is immense competition between hospitality players to improve their bookings to quickly recover the lockdown losses. It means that agents in the industry are loaded with calls. Dealing with customers to sell them packages or perhaps resolving issues at hand with a fast-tracked, scalable call monitoring system and training programs for understanding the changing buying trends are really the need of the hour.

Archaic manual agent training techniques like call shadowing are time-consuming, end up costing players and lastly, difficult to implement with the hybrid working model. Convin solution tackles all these challenges and disrupts the archaic call center operations with its agent assist platform that records, transcribes, analyzes, and stores the contact center calls, automating agents’ training, call monitoring and reporting.


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