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As the marriage between networking and tech continues in a happily-ever-after mode, these four apps are giving their users some more comfort with new features and upgrades.

WhatsApp to Introduce Vacation Mode, Silent Mode, and Linked Accounts

According to reports, WhatsApp is planning to introduce three new features to improve its chat and notifications for its users, which is now more than 1.5 billion. The first of the expected features is connecting a user account to external services. Users will most likely find the Linked Accounts option located under their profile settings. WhatsApp is starting with Instagram as an external supported service. Users can tap Instagram and after they have entered their credentials, their WhatsApp account will link to their Instagram profile.

Apart from linked accounts, the social media app is also planning on introducing a feature called Vacation mode. The feature will allow archived chats to be unarchived if they have previously been muted by the user. Users will be able to access the option in WhatsApp Settings and then Notifications. The third development in the wings is called Silent mode, which is for Android and allows the user to hide the app badge when having muted chats. The feature is being enabled by default.

Google Images will come with copyright info

Google is teaming up with media and image companies, CEPIC and IPTC, to introduce rights-related metadata to its images. After finding an image on Google Images, a user can now click the menu icon and then “Image Credits” to view the creator as well as the credit information.

Enticing Upgrades from 4 Top Social Media Platforms

Paytm brings spam-proof SMS Inbox

Paytm is launching spam-proof SMS Inbox as a feature of its Paytm Inbox, which utilises proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to segregate messages into personal, transactional, and promotional categories. However, the app will not separate the messages locally on the device unless it receives explicit consent from users to avail this service. After the user activates the service, the app will inform the user regarding the different classifications of the SMS categories and their utility value.

Snapchat feature allows users to shop in the app

Snapchat has brought out a new feature in its photo and video sharing platform, with the help of which, the user will be able to shop inside the app. The feature is named Collections and it gives brands the opportunity to link their products, so that users can make a purchase without swiping on the ad.

The ads will be visible between user Stories as well as in the app’s Discover section. The feature aims to increase user engagement, generating a purchase reaction without moving away from the app.


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