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From an online community on Facebook helping people with their basic queries regarding fitness and nutrition to launching diet and wellness centers across metropolitan cities, and now stepping into the mobile world, Pune-based online fitness consultation platform, SQUATS has come a long way. Underlining its commitment to providing an integrated platform for all the fitness enthusiasts to plan their customized diet, fitness, and wellness regimens, it has recently launched a mobile app, FITTR.

Available on iOS and Android, the app claims to have received more than 5,000 downloads in India within the first night of its launch through iOS. SQUATS is now expecting 20,000-30,000 downloads by the end of the first month of the FITTR launch.

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Commenting on the launch of the app, SQUATS Founder Jitendra Chouksey said, “We are quite excited about our mobile debut considering how our clients from across the country as well as abroad are satisfied and reliant on us for taking them through their fitness journey. The FITTR app has been built considering the needs of the increasing health-conscious consumers of the country. Instead of spending money on a nutritionist for diet recommendations, you can now download the FITTR app that will act as your health guide and constantly support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. The app clarifies all your health and fitness queries right away on your smartphone and helps you stay fit, eat better, work out regularly, and track your progress. Through the app, we aim to offer more and more Indians the right knowledge required for adopting a healthy lifestyle, which is crucial in the path of health and well-being.”

The FITTR mobile application offers features such as automated diet charts, BMR analysis, quantified food details, weekly diet chart planner, along with healthy food recipes. Once users feed in the required data like their age, weight, and other health details, the app automatically generates a plan based on the information shared. Users can also opt for a complete transformation package by booking an appointment with a SQUATS Nutrition and Fitness Consultant dietician as per the time slot listed on the app.

The FITTR app offers a free subscription for those who don’t want to pay for a gym membership and a dietician. Future releases of the app plan to include workout templates with the option of creating a customized workout plan to help users achieve their fitness goals. Besides, the app connects the community of fitness enthusiasts where users can post pictures, answer questions, and post their thoughts. Targeting college students yearning for six-pack abs to a 70-year olds aspiring to stay active and fit, SQUATS has 450,000 retained members reaching out to them online.

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SQUATS began as a group on Facebook in 2016, addressing challenges in the fitness industry, where lack of information, trust, satisfactory results, quick-fix solutions, and fad diets were affecting its reputation. Eventually, over the last 24 months, the platform’s integrated online and offline presence has helped SQUATS in implementing a different approach to help the members by providing them with the right knowledge to community support, mentorship and guidance by its team of 130+ consultants. Currently, apart from its mobile debut, the platform is on its way to open ten centers by the end of this financial year. The company is targeting more than 120 centers by 2020. Meanwhile, they have operational centers in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Raipur.


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