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This weekend, I got my hands on a copy of “Startup Sutra“, a newly released book written by Prof. Rohit Prasad. In a nutshell, I’d say this book shows a totally different way of experiencing an entrepreneur’s life as an audience. A must-read for everyone.

About the book

Like I said, this book shows a very different way of viewing an entrepreneur’s life. The book gives out five sutras that entrepreneurs necessarily possess with the addition of a final bonus sutra.

The story is described through a conversation between Rohit and his spiritual philosopher turned entrepreneur friend/mentor Moojin. The book describes the life of Abhishek and Abhinav Sinha, founders of the financial services company Eko and how the entrepreneurial journey can throw all of life’s ups and downs at you, every now and then.

Initially, as I started reading, I thought it was turning out to be a Chetan Bhagat flick with entrepreneurship as a backdrop. As I read further, the story got more and more gripping and I could relate to myself as well.

Here’s the best part. There are a whole lot of takeaways from this book, whether or not you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one. Moojin brings in a whole lot of spirituality and philosophy which gives the story a very special feel. I loved him mostly because of his brilliant phrases which touched deep down.

So, this book is not only about entrepreneurship and businesses but also about life, about spiritualism, philosophy and motivation. Like the book’s cover page says, it’s “What The Angels Won’t Tell You About Business and Life.” I think everyone should read this – entrepreneurs, their friends and families, business professionals too.

There are so many tips and advice Moojin gives for entrepreneurs and so much more that you can learn from Abhishek and Abhinav’s experience. Do grab a copy and read it.

Here are the closing lines from the book and one my favorites ones too:

Socialism has failed, capitalism is faltering, communism is dead and Gandhi-ism has been taken hostage. It is only entrepreneurship that can yoke happiness and prosperity together for the vast majority of human beings.


About the author

Rohit Prasad Startup SutraRohit Prasad likes to think of himself as an academic entrepreneur who combines scholarship with entrepreneurial instinct to create a space for policy impact in the Indian telecom sector. In order to nurse wounds acquired in the course of pursuing this rather ambitious and far-fetched goal, he vents his energy on various entrepreneurial projects. In the course of his dabblings, he stumbled upon a publisher who liked the coffee at MDI Gurgaon, the business school at which he teaches, and an entrepreneur whose story showed clear signs of having been lifted from a movie.


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