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Sygic, a global navigation vendor trusted by more than 200 million drivers, is launching a new add-on for Sygic GPS Navigation – Cockpit. The new version comes with state-of-the-art design and can be minimized to show all indicators while navigating.

“From the design perspective, we have rebuilt the feature from scratch. Our teams have focused on visibility and clarity while preserving a minimalistic look,” said Consumer Business, Product Manager Lukas Dermek.

The latest add-on comes with four new indicators. Tilt, altitude, compass, and g-force. Each of them can help the driver to make safer decisions en route. Tilt shows the current angle of the car to avoid rolling over, for example in difficult terrain. Altitude helps to better determine the weather conditions, including snow or freezing rain in the mountains, and adjusts the driving style accordingly

In addition, Compass shows detailed cardinal directions, while G-Force, the gravitational force indicator, serves as a benchmark for the driver on how to accelerate and corner safely while keeping passengers comfortable.

Additionally, Cockpit can be used in two modes. The first mode shows the indicators in full screen with basic driving instructions. The second mode allows users to minimize the add-on into the ribbon in the bottom of the Sygic GPS Navigation.

“This was one of the top requested features from our users. Drivers can swipe the bottom ribbon and choose which specific indicator to show while navigating to their destination,” added Dermek.

The Cockpit addon is available for all Sygic GPS Navigation iOS and Android users, who can access it via the menu in the app.

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