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Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu OS, are not new into the OS business, but they are new in the mobile market.

If we come to computer OS, Ubuntu is very popular and widely used in Servers and by System Admins, and their desktop version has improved a lot, and since the version 11, they have redesigned and taken aesthetics seriously, i strongly recommend it to everyone, its sure a Windows killer, the programs and functions were always better performing than windows, first timers do find it difficult to adapt, but with the new versions, it won’t take much time.

Coming back to mobile, looking at Mark Shuttleworth’s video, introducing the mobile OS, it looks beautiful, it may make it, but they have not yet launched in the market, and at present, there’s no announcement or notice or any hint or clue on when actually they are going to launch, they are looking for manufacturers who would be interested in manufacturing phones with their new Ubuntu OS.

If Canonical is planning on just targeting the geeky ubuntu loving audiences, in that case, no worries. That makes me realize, they won’t need to wait and search for early adopters, they are already present, curious.

As every entrepreneur knows, a basic and very important rule of any business, your early adopters decide the fate of your product. Canonical just needs to make sure the OS works smoothly without any flaws and glitches.

One thing, for which Ubuntu and the whole OpenSource community really deserves an appreciation, is, the idea of crowd-sourcing. Yes, One man Linus Torvalds, invented Linux and since then, people started contributing, and now they are so many programs and applications, which may not be present in other Operating Systems, and there are different flavors too.

Ubuntu being the most popular, having a good team of Engineers, Coders and freelance contributors and there are also System Admins and tutorials and forums, to help newbies and anyone facing any issue.

Looking at the speed with which Ubuntu comes up with their new versions, they have the most hard working people, constantly improvising and coming up with new features and applications.

I don’t like to make predictions, i am not an entrepreneur, but Ubuntu already has their early adopters, eagerly waiting. They just need to make sure, they get it right, they make their early adopters happy and they will seriously be on their road to success.

Photo Source: Benjamin Humphrey


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