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Yes, as the world’s talking about the twitter’s Vine video app integration, I thought I shouldn’t miss out mentioning it. Social networking already got a different face with Twitter’s advent. It just got better with Twitter launching the Vine app in association.

It can be categorized under video apps but completely different from the existing ones.

Vine app allows users to share videos on Twitter. The best part about this is the videos keep looping until prompted by the user. Users can create 6 second video clips and instantly share them on social networking websites. Associating an app with a social networking website is the sharing part made easy. Users can share, find videos, follow and interact with people who share interests and similar videos. What’s more is based on follower count users can even find trending videos on any day.

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The video recording is similarly operated as on normal video sharing apps. Users need to tap on the screen, activate the camera, continue holding the finger on the screen to continue recording and remove the finger to stop recording. There’s an interesting feature in the video capturing part of the app, the user can “pose” with a still-recording for a few seconds. The rest of the features are similar to any video recording. Users can view the preview once recording is complete, add a caption and share the video instantly. But currently the videos are shared on Vine and the social networking sites picked by the user. The video is by default shared on Vine app.

As these are short clips streaming doesn’t necessarily consume time as once scrolls through a list of videos.

The Vine for Twitter app is freely downloadable on iTunes. It is supported by 3GS and higher.


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