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Suppose you are looking for ideas for a new beverage product, you would break down the challenge to questions like:

  • What is the shape of the beverage container?
  • What are cool names for a drink?
  • What are smart opening mechanisms for beverage containers?
  • What shall be overall cost of this specific portable machine?
  • How can i juggle and select man power?

Generally, you would probably invite participants to your challenge who have the task to go through all these sub-questions and answer them. You would now allow with the content of all participants on a random basis who are asked to create smart idea combinations focusing on the main challenge question, like idea and names of new beverages. This process takes about 1 or 2 days. But Yutongo shall make it happen as quickly as possible in 10-20 mins.

“The”‘ Yutongo

[pullquote]We started yutongo in December 2013 after an intense alpha and experimental phase. Yutongo offer users and customers a set of creativity tools for their idea projects that allow to view a creative challenge from multiple angles.[/pullquote]As mentioned above, Yutongo guarantees that participants truly collaborate with each other by instantly sharing and combining thoughts of other users without actually interacting together consciously. Also, you can browse and export and rate ideas in a systematic way. Challenge owners have the opportunity to pay innovators each time they participate through the yutongo application. It is the possibility to include internal and external thinkers in a very easy way and to have their own subpage on yutongo which they can use for promotion or sharing on social networks.

UntitledSandro Morghen (CEO & Co-founder) worked in the innovation industry for over 15 years and is a highly skilled expert in the field of systematic creativity and innovation development. Yutongo represents Sandro’s ambition to turn his professional experience into a compelling web application.



UntitledWalid Ahmed (CTO, Co-founder) is the brain of the yutongo application architecture and a lover of collaborative processes and. As a neuro biologist, Walid is highly passionate about neuronal creativity.

We have faced a fairly good response from business users who want to use yutongo within their internal business development and innovation programs and are currently collecting feedback

Progress so far & Future Plans

Sandro and Walid analyzed the market quite thoroughly with about 50 competitors.The founders quote that almost all of their competitors have problems in creative process, pricing and ‘winner takes it all’ principle

The team claims to have taken a  systematic creative approach by  providing fair micro-waging compensation model for innovator (earn with each participation) and self-service freemium-model with affordable premium plans.

Yutongo is available with a free subscription plan and there are also very affordable premium plans starting at 24$/month.  Digital marketing such as Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads but also tech blog PR and other digital means of communication are currently used as marketing processes.  Yutongo collected a small seeding round for developing and testing the application but is currently looking for further funds to enlarge to user base, to add more value to customers and to invest in marketing.

[pullquote align=”right”]Once we have reached the critical user base we had in mind for yutongo, we will add more features and user comfort. Our goal is to become the number one web application where businesses and organization create and find ideas for their success.[/pullquote]The biggest challenge so far was to finalize the applications and to collect the seed money in order to do so. Switzerland is a very difficult place to develop an internet startup and seeding and venture capital is mainly available for companies in the high-tech electronic, biotech and pharmaceutical sector. Thus the main goal is to widen the yutongo userbase both on the customer and the innovator side.

TTP’s Take on Yutongo

The main stumbling block in the concept like yutongo is to bring and combine thinkers. Spreading of ideas and sharing of innovation do lead to squashing of bugs, but sometimes it is unmanageable. The path they’ve chosen as a startup is not easy. But, we @ TTP will wish Sandro and Walid good luck.


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