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As with more and more startups emerging and even corporates opening up units and work spaces in various different towns and cities and also more number of kids getting admitted to colleges away from their home town. If you notice, the demand here is relocation.

Now, I know you’ll say there are many housing and property sites available online which are popular and widely used. They do answer the demand of housing but they do not resolve the real issue of relocation.

I myself have relocated numerous times in various cities across India and also sometimes within a city. The real demands that arise with relocation are:

  • Need a house at a decent location and fair rent.
  • The roommates should be compatible.
  • Minimum brokerage fee – No brokerage would be a real help.

Prateek, Pankhuri and Ankit understood this problem very acutely and came up with the idea, they named GrabHouse. The best thing about GrabHouse when compared to other property and housing rental sites, is their work on UI and UX, its simple and brilliant.

When looking at the search output, pacifying and neat tabulated display of results, clear and courteous alignment of options on the left hand side. Clicking on ‘preview details’ will show you further amenities and commuting options that come with that place and location.

Perfect use of white space, no unwanted bugging ads. overall clean and clearly understandable display of results.

At present the product is in early beta stage and is catering to Mumbai city only, but the team plans to expand to 10 more cities and introduce some new features in the next 6 months. They have launched an android app, soon they plan to launch iOS app with a map based search option.

If you still think property and housing rentals has become a very competitive niche with big names having strong foothold, I’ll say think again, relocating consists of some serious problems that needs to be resolved. Ask me, i have relocated several times and many a times you tend to get frustrated if you don’t get the decent place you are looking for or some thing doesn’t goes well.

With an excellent work on UI and UX and with the right set of demands to resolve, GrabHouse is a contender to watch out for and as we get a chance we might grab hold of GrabHouse and learn more about their entrepreneur journey.



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