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Title: PingMe

Platform: Android, IOS

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Bottom Line: PingMe app is a collection of features from other social apps, but with some minor changes.

I have been writing too much on messaging apps recently. Earlier I had written on Whatsapp, then MySMS and now PingMe messaging app. The thing is, I love testing out new messengers and social sharing apps. The question here is, how can you make communication more simple, fun, useful and addictive? It’s not that easy. Thats where Whatsapp rocked.

I know I have praised Whatsapp a lot. Just for that, let me tell you I am not a whatsapp PR or marketing guy nor am I paid for it. I am sure, like me, many of you must have observed so many people using Whatsapp everyday. It’s like Facebook of mobile.

Coming back to the topic, Pingme is the new social messaging app by RadiumOne. It’s got a sleek UI which is easy to use. The UX is satisfactory but has too much use of pink color, that gives it a minus one.

In Pingme, you can converse with your friends, as you do in Facebook and Google+. You can question a community, there are different communities, sports, lifestyle, technology, etc. you can post your question in the community section, like you do in Reddit or Quora, and this how you get get in touch with like minded people.

Pingme’s features seems like a collection of features from other social apps, but with some minor changes.

In most apps you have your ‘Like / Dislike’, in PingMe there’s a ‘Heart and Broken Heart’. In Facebook you poke, in PingMe, you wink.

Verdict: Overall PingMe seems to be good, easy to use, but its a tough road ahead. I used it for few weeks, even invited all my contacts to join PingMe, none came. What I found is, everyone has Gtalk, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp on their mobile. Even I have those, again a new messenger, and again wait for everyone to join in, that seems like an extra load of work.

Pingme is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones, but they have not released for Windows phone yet. I think they should release the windows phone app as early as possible. Windows mobile has a different eco system of users, so, PingMe may strike a chord there.


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